Making your Internet Business Ready  Fast Reliable and Secure

Akamai is the leading provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet fast, reliable and secure. At the core of Akamai's solutions is the Akamai Intelligent Platform, a next-generation CDN combined with cloud services to provide extensive reach, unmatched reliability, security, visibility and expertise.

                Akamai helps enterprises around the world optimize website performance and software delivery with solutions for web acceleration, mobile optimization, application delivery, streaming media and mobile video. Akamai’s Cloud Security Solutions include web application firewall (WAF) and DDoS mitigation tools for protection against web security threats such as DDoS attacks and helping enterprises by providing a secure, high-performing web experience on any device, anywhere.

Web Performance

Akamai Web Performance Solutions help you to engage with your consumers with fast, customized online experiences, enabling you to grow revenue, gain IT agility and scale globally.

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Media Delivery

Akamai Media Delivery solution help you to deliver highest quality media globally whenever and wherever the user want seamlessly without having to build out costly infrastructure.

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Cloud Security

Akamai Cloud Security Solution makes your website and datacenter secure from the risk of downtime & data theft by stopping the largest DDoS & web application attacks without reducing performance.

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RSS Akamai Updates

  • Embracing Data Privacy Day January 24, 2020
    January 28 is Data Privacy Day, commemorating the Council of Europe Treaty known as Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty on data protection signed on January 28, 1981. This "holiday" was originally celebrated in Europe where it is...
    Sven Dummer
  • Protecting Websites from Magecart and Other In-Browser Threats January 24, 2020
    The Rise of Third-Party Scripts Modern web applications have become increasingly reliant on external code, services and vendors that execute JavaScript code in the browser... often referred to as third-party scripts. As a close-to-home example shown below, Akamai executes dozens...
    Mike Kane
  • Online Holiday Shopping followed the Hot Topics of 2019: Mobile & Security January 23, 2020
    Here's what I learned this past holiday season: I'm not alone shopping on my mobile device on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. And while Hollywood actors may take the holidays off, threat actors certainly do not. Let's have a look...
    Tara Bartley