Check Point 12000 Appliances

Product Description

The 12000 Appliances, featuring multi-core security technology and high port density, are ideally suited for perimeter security of large network environments as well as business-critical internal network segments. High business continuity and serviceability are delivered through features such as hot-swappable redundant power supplies/disk drives, a Lights-Out-Management card, and High-Availability features such as Check Point ClusterXL and Load-Sharing.

Data Sheet
  • Type:

    • security
    • Firewall
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Comprehensive Security with Datacenter-Grade Performance

  • High performance protection for large and business-critical networks
  • Integrated security with multiple Software Blades in a single appliance
  • High-availability features to ensure high business continuity

Flexibility, Serviceability and Extensibility

  • Flexible network options to work in any network environment
  • Hot-swap and redundant components enable service without downtime
  • Add more security features without adding new appliance

Centralized Remote Management

  • Simplified management with central & unified management server
  • Lights-Out-Management option for remote out-of-band management
  • Available Multi-Domain Security Management for policy segregation and delegation