Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems

Product Description

When you need high-performance security for your Datacenter and Telco networks, Check Point offers a wide selection of chassis-based security systems that scale from 3,200 to 33,000 SPU to meet the dynamic needs of growing networks. The product family is based on a multi-bladed hardware platform that is highly reliable, extensible and leverages a next generation secure operating system.

  • Type:

    • security
    • Firewall
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Extensible Platform and Software

  • Easily add Security Gateway Modules for more Security or higher performance
  • Effortlessly enable any Software Blades to enhance Security protections
  • Security Switch module provides high density and high speed connectivity options

Secures High Demand Networks

  • Unified secure Operating System delivers unbeatable security performance
  • Provides access to our entire suite of Software Blades
  • Protects the most complex networks by supporting dynamic routing protocols

Increases Business Continuity

  • Redundant hot-swappable components increase reliability
  • ClusterXL in High Availability and Load Sharing increase availability
  • SyncXL ensures optimal system synchronization and performance